• Buy-to-let mortgages

    Buy-to-let mortgages are custom made for existing private landlords, or those looking to rent out a property. This is a step only the brave should make. Marketing and maintaining a property is a lot of work, which requires you to invest both time and money. It’s not a quick-win money-maker! But if you are willing to put in the effort, owning a second, third or even fourth property is an effective way of making a long term investment. Read more about Buy-to-let mortgages

  • Flexible mortgages

    The classic mortgage in Britain is fixed. The payment amounts are inflexible and you must pay the loan back over a set period of time, such as 30 years. Flexible mortgages are a much more modern alternative. They give you freedom. Read more about Flexible mortgages

  • Re-mortgages

    Are you looking to save cash, or perhaps release some hidden capital in your property? Then you may want to analyse your mortgage options and consider remortgaging. Remortgaging is essentially switching to a different lender, with the aim of getting a better deal. Find out everything you need-to-know about remortgaging from us here at Seer Green. Read more about Re-mortgages

  • Self-build mortgages

    Building your own home is a dream for many, and a self-build mortgage allows you to do just that. It is designed for those planning and building their very own home. So take one step closer to making your dream a reality, and read more about self-build mortgages. Read more about Self-build mortgages

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