• Key Man / Key Person Insurance

    If something were to happen to you, undoubtedly your business would take a hit. Who would run the business from day-to-day, fill out all the paperwork and pay the staff? Key man / key person insurance is important business protection that will compensate any financial loss as a result of the death or extended incapacity of a key member of the business. If you're interested in finding out more about key man / key person insurance read more here. Read more about Key Man / Key Person Insurance

  • Partnership protection

    Having a partnership is a great way of dividing the responsibility of running a business, and can lessen your workload considerably. But with this comes some significant risks. If one of your partners were to die, their share of the business would be inherited by someone else. This could be a spouse, child or someone completely unrelated to the family or business. Partnership protection provides you with a plan to implement if such a scenario did arise. Partnership protection ensures that the remaining partners have enough capital to buy out the interest and compensate any of the deceased’s dependants. Essentially this is a safety net. Read more about Partnership protection

  • Shareholder protection

    With any business stability and financial security are significant, especially when creating business projections. This is increasingly important if you have a small private limited company with a small number of principal shareholders. Protect your business, if something were to happen to one or more of the shareholders, with business insurance protection. Read more about Shareholder protection

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