Rugby players in Wales are being offered the support of leading financial planning specialists Seer Green to help them plan for a sound financial future.

The Welsh Rugby Players’ Association, which represents more than 200 professionals playing regional rugby in Wales, has teamed up with the South-East Wales-based company to provide advice on players’ mortgages, insurances, savings and investments.

The care and welfare of members throughout their sporting careers – and once their playing days are over – are key to the aims of the association’s Player Development Programme.
And one of the most important of those is to ensure that some of the new improved rewards being earned by the professional stars of today can be put to good use to help players enjoy a post-playing retirement.

WRPA General Secretary Neil Maclean-Smith works closely with players from the four professional playing regions in Wales to protect their financial interests from their early training days right through to the end of their sporting life.

To help ensure those players receive independent advice on matters like pensions, mortgages, savings and investments, the association has drafted in the team of experts at Seer Green Financial Planning, which already provides a similar service for other sports stars in Wales and in England.

Siobhan Mail, Director at Newport-based Seer Green, said: “Life has changed considerably in the last 10 years or so for professional rugby players in Wales. Their rewards can be much greater and, with those rewards, come issues like how best to spend and invest.

“Pre-professional days saw even the top rugby internationals needing a career outside sport just to make ends meet. It’s all very different now and players can be highly-paid and, therefore, require sound advice on how best to protect and make use of those earnings.

“We are already working with a number of Welsh internationals and club players, providing them with a range of financial advice on matters like pensions, mortgages, investments, tax advice, career-end insurance and life cover.”

Siobhan added: “There is no doubt that in the past some players have not allowed their money to work wisely for them which is why the Welsh Rugby Players’ Association is keen to ensure their members receive sound financial advice, and it is important that this advice is handed out to the players as early as possible in their professional careers.”

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