News has been revealed of plans to create six tidal lagoons across the UK, including two benefiting Newport – one of which we exclusively revealed in last week’s Business Argus.

Tidal Lagoon Power has submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment report for a tidal lagoon between Cardiff and Newport, which looks to be six times bigger than the proposed project in Swansea.

As well as the Cardiff proposals, the company also confirmed that early work is underway relating to the delivery of a separate full-scale UK tidal lagoon at Newport, which would also harness the power of the Severn Estuary.

So we decided to ask the local business community what they thought of the ideas…

Siobhan Mail, Director of leading financial advisory firm Seer Green said:

“This a superb prospect for Newport and the wider region. The tidal lagoon will bring hundreds of short to medium term jobs, across a range of skills and also extensive long-term employment.

“There will be tremendous opportunities for the supply chain serving both the construction and development stage, as well as ongoing prospects.

“It appears that the first one being built in Swansea has attracted an impressive level of support across all Swansea communities and we would expect this next tidal lagoon, which will be larger than the one in Swansea, to receive just the same level of support from the people, businesses and communities here in Newport. This is such an exciting prospect for the area.”

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