Siobhan Mail, Independent Financial Planner and Director of Seer Green said, “The figure indicating that the economy is now 3.4% above pre-crisis peak is one that stands out for me – this is not only good news for individuals, but for businesses as well.

“There is further optimism with these latest consumer figures and we are certainly experiencing this return to confidence with our clients who now have a better opinion of the economy and are investing in retirement plans and other staff benefits.

“Although figures indicate a drop in investment, at Seer Green we are keen to expand and are in a position to recruit new staff to grow our team and invest profits back into the business.

“In terms of auto-enrolment, we are experiencing more and more businesses contributing more than the statutory minimum they are obliged to and this gives employees a financial boost.

“It hasn’t been an easy year economically, but compared with our counterparts, the UK has recorded small growth, and this has to be good news.”

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