Siobhan Mail, Director at Newport-based Seer Green financial planning specialists, said: “With fourth quarter GDP figures coming in pretty much as expected at 0.7% growth, and the Office for National Statistics describing them as robust and the best since 2007, it confirms that the economy is definitely growing and, more importantly, it is continuing to do so – albeit at a relatively slow and steady pace.

“Although the service sector in the UK accounts for approximately three-quarters of GDP in the UK, it was also pleasing to note that manufacturing growth was also up by 0.7%, although it was starting from a base line of around 11% down on pre-recession figures, as is construction which hasn’t achieved anywhere near as much growth over the same period.

“While individuals in the UK will still be feeling the pinch for a while yet, at least until wages catch up with inflation once again, the figures released today on the back of the most encouraging set of unemployment figures we’ve had for many years, give justifiable cause for optimism that we are continuing to move in the right direction.”

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