• What are my pension options at retirement?

    By David Jose | 11 March 2016

    Following the changes in 2015 to the pension laws, Pensions Transfer Specialist, David Jose, looks at the choices available to you when you retire.

  • Why should I consider Shareholder or Partnership Protection?

    By Ian Bavey | 25 February 2016

    If you’re a business partner or a shareholding company director, your share in the business is likely to be one of your most valuable assets.

    Taking out Shareholder / Partnership Protection will act as a safety net should the unexpected happen.

  • What are help-to-buy ISAs?

    By Siobhan Mail | 21 January 2016

    We’ve done a quick and simple guide to understanding what Help to Buy ISA’s are and who can qualify for one.

  • Surviving January - the post-Christmas expenditure

    By Siobhan Mail | 15 January 2016

    Christmas is over for another year and January will seem like one of the longest month’s in history, but you need to make your money last. Here’s some quick win ideas to help you spread out your finances until the end month…

  • Key person insurance – the importance of business protection

    By Matthew Bird | 18 December 2015

    The death or critical illness of a key person can financially impact your business in many ways.

  • Pensions & auto-enrolment for micro businesses and SMEs

    By Matthew Bird | 07 December 2015

    The changes on workplace pensions and automatic enrolment in recent years will soon also impact on small and micro businesses.

  • The Pension Revolution Begins

    By Matthew Bird | 06 April 2015

    ‘Flexible Drawdown’ is now available to all, meaning that pension savers have the freedom to access their pension pots as they wish.

  • Pension Options - Annuity vs Flexible Drawdown

    By Matthew Bird | 17 October 2014

    This blog outlines the difference between the two options and highlights the pros and cons of each.

  • Books on Investing - Matt Bird's review

    By Matthew Bird | 08 July 2014

    Seer Green’s Matthew Bird provides his own, personal thoughts on 10 books about investing

  • Ethical Investments

    By Matthew Bird | 09 June 2014

    For the socially responsible investor, who wishes to save with a conscience, there are a plethora of ‘ethical’ funds available.

  • Bitcoins and Tulips

    By Matthew Bird | 27 November 2013

    Bitcoin, the online digital currency, has been a topic of great media furore. Since trading began in 2009 the value of one bitcoin has gone up exponentially from a measly $0.0007 to over $900 in recent weeks. This adoption by business is obviously a sign of success/popularity, but is the currency truly sustainable?

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